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Peter Garratt Australia Argyle Dairy

"With Heatime, we now have real-time information, and reproductive performance has improved immensely – which is what I expected."

Peter Garratt, Argyle Dairy

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Bruce Glasgow Australia Derryvale Dairy

"In August, because we had so many more calves, we were 1,200 litres up per day over the same time the previous year. Percentage wise, that’s nearly 20%."

Bruce Glasgow, Derryvale Dairy

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Orna Haim, Manager, Israel Givat Haim Me’uhad Dairy Farm

"The financial losses that the SCR tags prevented during the Three-day Fever epidemic equaled the tags' price several times over."

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Trent Bowman, Co-Owner, USA Bowman Dairy Farm

"Drug and semen savings cover three-fifths of the SCR system cost. DA-related savings – surgery, selling and replacement – cover the remainder. I'm confident it will pay for itself in 18 months."

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Joel Sutter, Herd Manager, Mount Horeb, WI Fertile Ridge Dairy

"If a cow is getting sick we can catch it about a day earlier than we used to, before seeing it in lower milk production. If we put her on medication, we'll know much faster if she's getting better or not."

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